Slide the dice: win the game with tricks

It is a reality that apart from online roulettes live, one of the most popular games in online dice casinos is DADU Online. In many movies, it is an icon of the casinos to see how a player rolls the dice to get the number needed to win the grand prize. It seems that this game is pure chance because as much as you want, these dice will always have the luck factor in their DNA that will determine the number that has come out.


Tips and tricks for success

The trick is to throw it so that no one can realize that instead of making a pitch what has been achieved is that the dice roll and that the result that one has wanted from the beginning comes out. They have even perfected the method in the casinos that make the dice roll against the wall or even turning on itself so that the human eye is not visible.It would be unthinkable to design a casino both in person and online without dice tables. For those who have not tried their luck and do not know their game system may seem very complicated but the fact of talking about one of the games with more followers speaks of an apparent ease. Knowing the basic concepts is fundamental when it comes to throwing the dice but as in any game of chance it is essential to learn certain concepts to achieve benefits.

First run

Any game of dice starts with a Pass Line bet or No Pass Line before the exit roll. There may be several cases in it and it is necessary to know what happens once the dice are on the table. With a 7 or 11 the bet is won while with a 2, 3 or 12 that bet is given as lost. The exit point is established with the rest of the numbers. This roll can seem exciting. In fact it is but nothing more than the beginning since with the dice on the table the betting opportunities are expanded. Thus, the player will roll the dice again until the starting point is drawn again or a 7, with which the bet would be lost.

Conclusion: Main types of bet

This is the first bet that can be formulated. As it is mentioned you win with 7 or 11, you lose with 2, 3 or 12 and the starting point is established with any other number.No Pass Linecan make an inverse bet to the previous one, although in this case the 12 would be tied and the bets would be reimbursed.To take into account, in the Pass Line you cannot increase or reduce the bet after the exit point is not fixed nor can you withdraw. To finish with these basic concepts you must count on the fact that the dice cannot pass from hand when the player who throws them wins, a particular case in case of getting a seven.