Various types of slot machines

Online casino slot becomes very popular these days and people love to play casino games at their home. You can find variety of online slot machines which can enhance yourgameexperience by offering several games to place your bet and earn more.

How can you explain variety of slot machines popular in these days?

Slot machine reels

From classic reel machines, players have many choices available online and it becomesdifficult to find out to know where to start the game. Here are some famous reel formats which you can find in online stores in these days:

  • 3-reel slots

It is first slot machine which comes with three reels and different fruit symbols. This type of slot machines is popular in many casinos and mostly in online platform. Pay lines are simple which usually range from one to three and several bonus features are on side.

  • 5-reel slots

There is bigger possible range of five reel paylines and this format is used for different new online slots in these days as well as the scope of this slot can add plenty of bonus rounds and extra features.

  • 6-reel slot

There are different types of 6 reel slots which come with popular land-based slot machines and it also comes in conventional pay out.

  • 7-reel slots

Gamblers or players will turn around that slot which gives them more profit for their bet. 7-reel slot offers more winning combinations to players and more pay lines to bet on. Such slot machines are growing in popularity and bring a bigger stake outlay,to begin with.


Video Slot

A video slot machine has digital spinning reels which will be displayed on screenand also has a spin button that player can press easily to spin reels. Videos slots will come with various graphics, line counts and bet options that are beyond the traditional machine. By seeing WMS Online Slots List you can find out variety of slot machines suitable for your game.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are introduced after invention of video slots. In such machines,jackpot grows when more people play together and someone hit the jackpot. The machine can even link across different locations and popular in basically online casinos.

3-D slots

Slot machine manufacturers introduce 3-dimensionalnarratives and characters in their games to keep interest of players like WMS Online Slots List. It becomes easy for players to discover slot symbols and character that can jump and move around which enhance gaming experience of players.